Vote for Terry Hickey will not accept any donation unless it can be used or expended consistently with the purpose and mission of the Vote for Terry Hickey campaign.

  • Donations can only be accepted from individuals living in Ontario; we cannot accept donations from corporations, unions, groups/associations, federal or provincial parties, riding associations or registered provincial or federal candidates
  • The maximum contribution per person per campaign is $1,200
  • Donations under $25 can be made in cash (if you choose)
  • You will receive a receipt for any donations not made in cash
  • Municipal council donations are not eligible for tax credits or deductions
  • You can contribute to more than one candidate in the same jurisdiction so long as the total contributions to all candidates don’t exceed $5000

Should you wish to donate to my campaign I would like the pleasure of speaking with you about it first and then arranging to collect.

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