Every Municipality in Ontario has challenges, some in common, many unique. The Mayor must be in touch with residents in all parts of the community, willing to listen to many points of view. Creating connections among people is a key part of a Mayor’s role. While everyone may not agree to a course of action that Council takes, it is important that residents be informed, as to the reasons behind the action. Misinformation, disinformation or lack of information only creates distrust.

In the past four years

Over the past four years I have, with staff, analyzed key issues in my portfolio and brought about significant change. As Mayor, I intend to use the same approach to work with all parties to define goals, create measurable objectives and get results.

Municipal Council works best when Councillors feel part of a team that is working together for common goals with the Mayor’s role to facilitate, not direct conversation. That attitude goes hand in hand with citizen participation and meaningful communication. We have work to do here.


  • Communicate with residents
    formally and frequently to get
    a reality check on needs and goals.
  • Conserve Long-Term Care and
    Retirement Facilities.
  • Find a Rural Internet
    solution leveraging all possible
  • Develop better transit links to GO
    stations and enhance VIA services.


  • Embrace the Blue Dot program
    and plan for best environmental
  • Create, with the community, a
    meaningful river and waterfront
  • Continue 5-year plan to
    rehabilitate rural roads.
  • Increase apartment units and affordable housing.
  • Ensure all departments work
    to maximum efficiency.
  • Encourage an attitude of
    positive, progressive actions.
  • Review and assure that all
    Municipal Assets are maintained
    or enhanced.
  • Protect Municipal interests with
    the PHAI cleanup efforts.

Office of The Mayor

Long Term Care


  • Be “on the job” Full Time.
  • Promote a team attitude.
  • Develop performance measuring criteria and review regularly.
  • Provide leadership to Council, staff and residents.
  • Include Residents, Council
    and Staff in decision making.
  • Share information.
  • Promise rarely, deliver always.
    Be direct. Do not mislead or misrepresent information.
  • Develop a business plan and modify as needed.
  • Foster a positive work environment.
  • Encourage creative thinking.
  • Remember that doing the job
    is more important than having the job.
  • Earn trust, not expect it.
  • Provide competent, challenging representation at the County level.


Barrett Street Bridge

Ensured resident safety with closure in November 2016.

Engaged military to remove old bridge: saving thousands of dollars and providing a great event for all.

Worked with residents to provide a design that met Heritage desires and needs for the future.

Rural Service Levels

Increased from 4 to 5 Snow Routes.
Increased staff complement.

Developed new Rural Roadside Vegetation Policy.

Rural Road Rehabilitation

Increased budget to allow for more roads to be rehabilitated ($450,000.00 this year).

Worked with staff to propose a 5-year plan to have Rural Roads brought to better condition.

Transit System

Led a needs analysis based on rider input.
Restructured routes to better serve trips to Cobourg and more efficient routes in town.

Brought about a new and more suitable fleet of buses.

Encouraged staff to place transit under control of the Municipality.

Created growth plans for transit to adapt to resident needs for future.

Wastewater Plant Improvements

Realignment of staff positions to better manage work.

Addition of camera equipment for better and more frequent pipe inspections.

Modernization of processes.

Launch Homeowners warranty program.

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